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Austria’s most prestigious tourism school - on the road to success for 100 years

More than 100 years ago a milestone in the history of tourism education was set: In 1908 the predecessor of MODUL was founded. Its name was “Vocational School for the Restaurant, Hotel and Coffee Brewing Trade.”

Thus MODUL is the second oldest institute worldwide that offers secondary and post-secondary education in hospitality and tourism.

Today the Tourism College MODUL is a private institution under public law, owned and operated by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. It is an internationally recognised institute for education and further education whose programs and courses are often taken as models for innovative education in tourism far beyond the borders of Austria.

More than 600 students from around the globe are currently made fit for a promising career in the hospitality and tourism industry. The 150 students that graduate from our institute every year see that a MODUL certificate not only guarantees an interesting job in the service industry as a whole, but also opens up an array of university studies in Austria and abroad. . Wherever you travel in the world you will find MODUL graduates in leading positions.

Our three programs

MODUL currently offers the following three regular programs:

  • Secondary School of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Diploma Course in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • International Course in Hotel Management

Service Platform MODUL – Top-level know-how transfer

The Service Platform MODUL offers numerous services in the field of further education and consulting in hospitality and tourism. The focus of activities lies on customised seminars, the development of teaching programmes as well as the setting up of educational centres for tourism and school hotels abroad

Innovation and impetus

The faculty of MODUL has always played a decisive role in the development of new teaching programmes for hospitality and tourism in Austria. MODUL teachers have been involved in the conception of all current Austrian curricula for tourism schools.

The first Professional Degree Course in Tourism Management was conceived and planned at MODUL and opened in 1994.

From 2004 to 2007 MODUL experts developed the MODUL University Vienna , a private university, also run by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

The commitment to innovation and the joy of teaching are the foundation stones that will lead the Tourism College MODUL into its second century.